lunes, 23 de marzo de 2009

NEW - i Mark Microplate Absorbance Reader

BIORAD - The iMark microplate absorbance reader comes with six preinstalled filters: 415, 450, 490, 595, 655, and 750 nm. The iMark reader is packaged with USB2 and power cables, one roll of printer paper, and a CD that contains the user manual as a PDF file.

Intuitive user interface via onboard software with 64 preset or customized end-point and kinetic protocols (including food safety tests), powerful curve-fitting routines, and statistical analysis
Integrated thermal printer
Built-in shaker with variable mixing speed
Compatible with different types of 96-well plates (flat, U-, V-bottom) and 8- or 12-well strip plates
Single and dual wavelength detection
Motorized door for plate loading and retrieving
Fast plate reading — 6 sec at single wavelength detection
Fast or step reading modes
Eight-position filter wheel for detection by high efficiency band pass optical filters (400–750 nm). Easy to install additional detection filters.
Options for interface with Microplate Manager software via USB2 connection to PC or Mac
Self-diagnostic capabilities to detect lamp burnout at startup
Multilingual (English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian) display and printed reports
Checkmark reader protocols for performance validation and reporting
Self calibration
Automatically controls detection, data formats, and, analyses; reports and stores data for most complex photometric applications; configures, stores, and applies custom protocols easily
Instant documentation
Improves readout precision and minimizes variability of assays
Accommodates optimum sample conditions
Detects OD specific to the reaction product and eliminates background
Provides quick plate recovery and minimum environmental exposure
Allows rapid detection of fast developing colorimetric reactions in kinetic assays using onboard software
Fast reading or high-sensitivity detection
Spectral detection is reproducible, flexible, and easy to fine-tune
Customize individual protocols, reduce data, and analyze data comprehensively
Allows proactive and prompt maintenance
Adapts to localized regulatory requirements and local language standards
Adapts to various IQ/OQ protocols and validation requirements
Ensures accurate and reliable measurements for every reading

Wavelength range 400–750 nm
Photometric Single or dual wavelength
Photometric range 0.0–3.5 OD
Bandwidth 10 nm
Linearity ≤1.0% from 0.0–2.0 OD; ≤2.0% from 0.0–3.0 OD
Accuracy ±1.0% or 0.010 from 0.000–3.000 OD at 490 nm
Reproducibility 1.0% or 0.005 OD from 0.0–2.0 OD; 1.5% from 2.0–3.0 OD
Resolution 0.001 OD
Light source Tungsten halogen lamp (20 W), 3,000 hr average lifetime
Photodetectors Silicon photodiodes: 8 measurement, 1 reference
Filters 8-position filter wheel
Read time Fast mode: 6 sec at single wavelength (onboard software), 10 sec at dual wavelength
Step mode: 15 sec at single wavelength, 25 sec at dual wavelength
Plate shaking 3 speeds: low, mid, high; duration: 0–999 sec
Plate types 96-well microplate; maximum plate height: 16 mm
Warm-up time 3 min
Interchannel variation ≤1.0% or 0.005 from 0–3.0 OD
Stability and drift (at 490 nm) ≤0.010 OD at OD = 1 at 490 nm single wavelength
Data output Onboard graphical thermal printer and USB2 interface with PC or Mac data stations
Data storage Calendar/clock function; 64 assay protocols
Multilanguage support 4 language ROM capacity; LCD indication supported; printout report supported
Dimensions (W x D x H) 34.6 x 37.7 x 16.4 cm (13.6 x 14.8 x 6.5")
Weight 5.5 kg (12 lb)

168-1130 iMark Microplate Reader, 100/240 V, includes 6 filters (415, 450, 490, 595, 655, 750 nm), plate shaker, onboard software and thermal printer, one roll printer paper, USB2 and power cables, instructions